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Latest Comments
  • Dan
    Re: Make Your Own Sloe Gin
    @Bee - did you get to the bottom of this? I have the same and haven't been able to find an answer anywhere
    7 October 2014
  • Porpoise
    Re: Make Your Own Sloe Gin
    No need to prick them, freeze them for a couple if days does the same job as pricking them.
    4 October 2014
  • MakingYourOwn
    Re: Make Your Own Sloe Gin
    @Bee. We're not sure on this one! Chances are the alcohol will have killed any potential nasties but we may be wrong. We will continue to…
    23 September 2014
  • Bee
    Re: Make Your Own Sloe Gin
    I have just made sloe gin ( one week ago). Went to roll the demi John and can see what looks like a small white worm floating at top. Is…
    19 September 2014
  • shaz
    Re: Make Your Own Washing Powder & Fabric Conditioner
    Hi there, I read the recipe as: 1 pint of water to boil and dissolve the grated soap. The next…
    3 July 2014
  • Sue
    Re: Make Your Own Natural Exfoliator
    It's very affordable. Everyone i think can afford that alternative yet healthy and natural exfoliator thanks . I'll really…
    19 June 2014
  • Ali
    Re: Make Your Own Sloe Gin
    I have been making sloe gin for years in the same traditional manner and bottled and drunk it without problem. However, I noticed the…
    14 May 2014
  • Moira
    Re: Make Your Own Organic Fertiliser
    Good you please give me the recipe for making potash juice, from wood ash i.e. How many litres of water to add to what weight…
    8 May 2014
  • peddhoda
    Re: Make Your Own Washing Powder & Fabric Conditioner
    exactly for 1 kg detergent powder (washing powder ) please tell the ingredients to mix i have lot…
    1 May 2014
  • Per Kele
    Re: Make Your Own Furniture Polish
    Thanks Trout. Good call. Another point is to be sure to use 'natural' turpentine and NOT mineral spirits. Although they are…
    31 March 2014
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